Why Did You Open an Online Boutique?

Hi all!

Time for my first blog post! I’m very new to the idea of blogging, but am excited to be taking on the challenge! I have a ton of ideas for Emmy Mae Presents. I’m excited to bring you the latest fashion news, life hacks, travel ideas, product updates, and Emmy Mae’s new product lines. Lots of great ideas that I’m excited for, but I struggled a bit with coming up with an idea for my first post. After tossing around a couple of over-the-top ideas, I decided to keep it simple. I wanted to introduce myself and share the “why” behind Emmy Mae Boutique.

My dream of owning a boutique began in a class at Mount Vernon Nazarene University: Fashion Merchandising. For that class, I did a project where I had to create a fictitious boutique. This project required me to build a business plan, to create a store theme, to create my ideal customer and to come up with ways to sell to them. I loved this project and I felt naturally gifted at it. My professors at MVNU routinely encouraged us to pursue our gifts as if they were God's calling. I thought I could pursue business ownership in women’s fashion.

I was in love though, and I knew that the man I was soon to marry (a Navy man!) would make our family life one that required an incredible degree of flexibility. I loved my idea, but I loved my family more. So I put my dream on the backburner.

Our first duty station was San Diego (loved it!). While stationed there, my dear friend opened an online boutique. She had amazing ideas and was so good at what she did; I started thinking about the flexibility of an online boutique. I was interested again!

Ten months later, we had a baby girl! Our life changed dramatically. I felt that it was right to push my dream to the side. After all, we were about to uproot our family again and move on from San Diego. The Navy told us to go to Monterey. We packed up and moved on!

While enjoying shore duty in Monterey, I started to seriously consider opening an online boutique. Our family life started to settle out, as it tends to while on shore duty, and I felt that it would be a good time to plan an online women’s clothing store. My sister-in-law opened her LuLaRoe boutique. I was so excited for her, but I didn’t think that it would be appropriate to jump all over her dream. She was killing it (go check for yourself!), and I learned so much from her; but I didn’t think the timing was right so I pushed my dream to the backburner considering that we were a short few months from packing up and moving on from Monterey. Maybe at the next duty station…

In the closing months at Monterey, we got awesome news. The Navy was moving us home! Jarrod received 2-year orders to go back to his alma matter, Miami University, to serve as staff at the NROTC unit. We were so excited. We never thought in our wildest dreams that we would live anywhere near Ohio while in the Navy, and here we were preparing to move there! Shortly after settling into West Chester, Ohio, I started reading a book, Nothing to Proveby Jennie Allen (her blog is awesome). As I was reading, I started to feel a growing sense that I needed to take the leap and run with my dream. That feeling culminated when I read the following excerpt:

“You will get to see God work crazy miracles out of your life if you stop looking side to side and instead consider the good things that are right in front of you. But we look side to side and say, ‘Someone is already doing it; my dream is taken.’ God must be thinking, Are you kidding? Do you see the planet? There are about seven billion people. The world is very large. There is room for all of you, if I have called you to it. There is need in the world. Go for it! I actually have enough favor, gifts, talents for you to each accomplish the purposes I have laid out for you before time.

I was taken aback. What a smack to the face! But it wasn’t enough. I still felt hesitant. The following Sunday, our pastor preached on Jonah and the disaster that resulted when he ignored God’s plan. It further emboldened me, but I was still feeling doubt. I decided to talk it over with Jarrod, feeling prepared to turn tail at the first sense of doubt I received from him. His response was simple: “I’ll help. Let’s run with it!”

It took God a few times to get through to me; each message was more pointed than the previous. But I finally listened to Him. A few weeks later, I registered Emmy Mae Boutique with the state of Ohio and here I am writing my first blog post for Emmy Mae!

So there you have it! That’s the “why” behind Emmy Mae in a nutshell. I’ve encountered a variety of emotions as I’ve taken this step. But every time I let fear or doubt creep in, I’ve been overcome by the outpouring of a more powerful emotion: love. The ever-constant love of my God and the loving support of my husband, of my dear family, and of my amazing friends has driven me on and pushed me forward. I’m excited to be doing what I’m doing and honored that you’re taking this journey with me. I look forward to bringing you the latest trends in fashion through the oh-so comfortable medium of online shopping!

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                                                                                                                                    Love, Kevie

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  • Connie on

    This story touched my heart! So proud of you, Kevie! And so happy you have started this new adventure! Love and prayers!

  • Brittany on

    Kev, this is beautiful. Any time you have ever shared your heart with me, I have felt blessed. You are an amazing woman with so many talents and I can’t wait to see the journey On which God takes you! ❤️

  • Roni on

    You have done and will continue to do amazing things! We love you!

  • Anna on

    Kev, I am so proud of you! What a great story you have. You are an inspiration! I can’t wait to continue to read & shop!

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