What is Athleisure Wear?

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This weekend was an exciting one around the boutique! ICYMI, we launched a new product line: Athleisure wear!

What is athleisure wear?? Well welcome to today's blog!!

Athleisure wear is simply a trend in fashion where clothes that are purposed for the gym get new life in casual settings. The trend is growing, and athleisure wear clothing items are designed now with a dual-purpose in mind. The result is some adorable tees and tanks that work great at the gym, but look adorable when dressed up for school, errand-running, lunch dates, and many other settings. We’ll take a look at the athletic side and the leisure side of our new athleisure wear below!


I love to wear my athleisure wear at barre class! (My favorite is the See You at the Barre Tee) If you’re not familiar, barre is a group workout that uses the ballet barre and incorporates ballet movements. Here’s a bit of a longer read from Wikipedia if you want more info.

See You at the Barre Tee, athletic pants, shoes

You can take barre classes at some amazing specialty studios. Pure Barre is one of the more popular studios with locations all over the country.

But you don’t need a high-end, expensive studio to get in a good barre workout! I do mine at my local YMCA! I love barre classes at the Y! The instructors are friendly and helpful, and there’s a real sense of community for those in the class. It’s a great way to ease into barre if you’re not familiar and feeling a little intimidated.

Not ready for the commitment of a barre class at the YMCA yet? Then check out this ten-minute, at-home barre workout from one of our favorite blogs, Physical Kitchness. I met Chrissa in Monterey, CA through Mothers of Preschoolers International (MOPS). She’s a fellow military wife, and she’s shared a ton of amazing and healthy recipes and great workout ideas. Check out her blog!


So we’ve seen how great athleisure wear is in the gym. Let’s talk about ideas to dress it up! Here are some pictures of my favorite ways to dress up these adorable tanks!

 Dream Tee, Jeans, Sandals

Tank: Dream Tee

Jeans: Old Navy

Shoes: Old Navy

LA Love Tee, Leggings, Shoes

Tank: LA Love Tee

Leggings: Old Navy

Shoes: TJ Maxx

Bralette: TJ Maxx

Nama'stay in bed, leggings, dog

Tank: Namast'ay in Bed with My Dog

Leggings: Old Navy

Bra: Old Navy

Fur Baby "Charlie": San Diego Humane Society ;)

I love that you can wear these anywhere! I've worn them to the store, to lunch dates, to the gym, and anywhere in between. I've gotten compliments everywhere that I've worn them - a testament to their flexibility. Check out the collection here!

Thanks again for reading! I'd love to hear your favorite tips about how you use athleisure wear in the comments below. Have a question? Drop it in the comments, too!

Lastly, don't forget about our promo that goes through Sunday! Buy any two of these darling tops, and we'll send you a free dress or top in your shipment! 

Look good, feel good. Fell good, work hard!



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