About Us

Welcome to Emmy Mae Boutique! We created Emmy Mae out of a passion for fashion! ;) Shopping has always been a pastime of ours. As our fashion tastes and lifestyle have evolved, so has the way we shop. We love finding unique styles that we can't find in big-box stores. Going from store to store can be tiring, and we have found that we personally prefer online shopping. We created Emmy Mae as a place for you to find unique fashion trends in the comfort of your own home.

We're a military family. This is another motivation behind Emmy Mae. While we enjoy the Navy lifestyle, it comes with its own unique challenges for working spouses, namely the need to move every few years from duty station to duty station. Emmy Mae gives us that needed flexibility.

Our family is another source of inspiration that drove us to launch Emmy Mae. Our house is a busy one with two young kids and a few dogs. Emmy Mae is a method to contribute to our family and its creation serves as a positive role model for our little ones. We've always dreamed of owning our own business. By finally taking the leap, we are setting the example for our little ones to follow their dreams. 

Emmy Mae was born from these motivations. Emmy Mae fulfills our passion for fashion in a way that works with the Navy lifestyle while achieving the desire to contribute to our family and setting a positive example for our children.

We're excited that you're visiting. We're thrilled to bring you the hottest trends in women's fashion as we strive to meet your expectations! Thank you, as always, for shopping Emmy Mae!